Top 5 Car Manufacturer Companies


Cars are the today’s passion of people, they identifies with their vehicles so it should be the good to any point of view. You see the cars all the day on the roads but have you ever think that who has manufacture it? Here are the top 5 car manufacturing companies.

Toyota Motor

Toyota is the Japan Company and also the world’s largest car manufacturer. It was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda a byproduct from his father’s company Toyota Industries to make automobiles. First product shaped in 1934, while still a department of Toyota Industries.

General Motors Company

It was the largest U.S automaker and world’s 2nd largest for 2008.  GM is the prominent brand worldwide and it was the number one company of motors consecutive from 1937 to 2007. It had the third uppermost 2008 global revenues among automakers on the Fortune Global 500.

Volkswagen Group AG

It is German business Volkswagen group with a total of 6,517,288 cars progressing rotten the production line in 2008. It has the largest market in China. It similarly grips the honored of nurturing Bugatti Automobiles SAS which manufactures one of the world’s fastest car ‘Bugatti Veyron‘. Volkswagen factually means ‘people’s car’ in German.

Ford Motor Company

It was originated by Henry Ford Company and incorporated on June 16, 1903. Recently it is world’s fourth largest car makers company.  In 2008 $146.3 billion revenues and it is the seventh rank American-based company. By way of it has become the second largest automaker in Europe in 2008.


Nissan motors got the highest rank in the world motor manufacturers company. It is with the top three Asian car manufacturer companies. It was established in 1932. It confronted several complications in 1999. The Nissan VQ engines, of V6 configuration obligate figured mid World’s 10 Best Engines for 14 straight years.

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