Top 5 Tv Manufacturer Companies


In today’s industrial world every house has a TV. TV is a way of communication; we get information around the globe through news channels and much more. Here is the list of top 5 TV manufacturers.


Hitachi is the Japanese manufacturers in electronic business. It was started to manufacture TVs and other electronic products from 1960. It has a wide range of quality products around the world.


Dutch company founded by Gerard Philips in 1891 and the coolest TVs nowadays. Its high quality and faster pixel rate made the Philips and Plasma TV popular. It got the high rank among the TV manufacturers.


LG manufacture Company TV is very famous in markets. It produces a low budget product that’s why it is known as Goldstar.  It was Korean electronic manufactures establishes in 1958. They manufacture quality products.


Most people do not give importance to Panasonic until they not use them. It was established in 1918. Panasonic is like an expert of digital TV. No matter if your budget is low Panasonic give you the best quality within your budget.


Sony manufactures are most famous all around the globe for its electronic products. Sharpest and clearest picture quality is the sturdiest point of Sony. It is an enormous in the electronic industry.

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